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06 July 2005

Floating Leaves Tea House, Seattle

One of my favorite online vendors is opening a local tea house. I have a feeling this will become a destination for regional tea lovers and out-of-town visitors, and I'm thrilled to have it close to home. The tea room is in a colorful and fun neighborhood, near several sightseeing stops (have to update my Tea in Seattle page with a new sightseeing-tea tour!).

I was lucky enough to attend a preview two weeks ago, where I spent a couple of hours happily sipping various oolongs and puerhs prepared gongfu style. I'll post a full review here next week, once I've visited again. For now, here's the information for their Grand Opening:

Floating Leaves Tea House
Seattle's Premier Source for Gourmet Chinese Tea
Saturday, July 9
2213 NW Market (in the Ballard area)

1/2 price drinks all day
Tea Tastings and Tea Talks
Live Music @ 7pm -- Koto, Shakuhachi & Songs by: Elizabeth Falconer, John Falconer, Aiko Shimada

Cindy's Sipping Recommendations, based on the recent tasting session and my own orders:

  • Bao Zhong, they have two and both are quite nice

  • Ali Shan & Li Shan Oolongs, with their rich and buttery aftertaste

  • House Black Tea (decent price and quite a nice, sturdy tea from yunnan -- holds up to milk well)

  • Forest Floor Puerh, my husband's favorite, is a wonderful loose leaf puerh from China that tastes as if it were specifically made for sipping in the Pacific Northwest

Standard Disclaimer: no affiliation other than being a happily satisfied customer.


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