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05 June 2005

Review: Perennial Tea Room, Seattle

Here’s my second review after spending the afternoon in downtown Seattle.

The Perennial Tea Room is located in the picturesque Post Alley area of Pike Place Market. They carry a nice selection of teas along with a wide range of teapots, tea accessories, and selected teatime goodies.

The entryway is open and welcoming, and the atmosphere inside is quite friendly, cheerful even. :) I never felt crowded or rushed, and when the shop emptied out a bit we had a pleasant time chatting with the woman in charge (Sue?).

I’d gone with a mission: go get some of that excellent lapsang souchong that had been recommended to me. I am currently sipping said tea (Wuyi Shan China Lapsang), which is indeed quite nice and rather unusual -- look for a review here soon. My husband prefers the deeper smokiness of the more traditional Lapsang Souchong that we bought at the same time. So, two teas purchased, and two happy sippers.

The tea room serves a rotating selection of teas that are pre-brewed (brown betty pots in the back room). You can get cups of tea – no food or milk or sugar, just good tea. Both teas we sampled were quite nice. Even though I rarely drink flavored teas, I decided to try an interesting combination: the Harney & Sons coconut-ginger-lemongrass green tea. It was very aromatic with an unusual flavor reminiscent of Thai food.

I was glad to sign up for notification of special events, and I’ll definitely stop by next time I’m in downtown Seattle.


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