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21 May 2005

Tea in Vegas

I didn’t go to Las Vegas for the tea, and I didn’t even go for the gambling. I went to have fun in the great hot beaming sunshine of the desert southwest.

Being of firm conviction that a nice tea service makes pleasant visits even better, I tried to make reservations at the Bellagio -- struck out (should have made reservations a week ago). I called around to several other places, working from tips and reviews. Most hotel-casino operators didn’t know where to direct me, and it usually took 3 or 4 forwardings before finding which restaurant had the tea service. In person at the brand new Wynn Hotel, it only took two people and one phone call before we found out that tea will be served (near the garden area) starting in a few weeks. I imagine it will be very special and very expensive.

Not all was amiss, since I’d brought tea and tea-making supplies along. Which teas? I brought Teaspring’s Bao Zhong Classic and Floating Leaves’ Yunnan Gold. We could brew these any time in our hotel room, but we only had Triscuits and sliced cheese for snacks. :)

Next time, I’ll plan ahead and contact some of the Teamailing locals down there (Lady Patricia, I’m sorry we missed each other – you were in my neighborhood while I was in yours!).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tea Room on the 2nd floor of
"Not just anriques mart"
Las Vegas, NV


11:08 AM  

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