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10 May 2005

Links of the Day, 5/10/05

I don't know much about Panyaro, the Korean Way of Tea, but now I want to know more. The web site also has wonderful photos of Tea Making (preparing the leaves).

It's always good to learn more about the techniques for brewing tea. Bruce Richardson wrote a nice article about Making Good Tea Time after Time (check out his other articles while you're at the web site). Tea Time World Wide has a good resource for beginners: Tea Tasting 101.

This week I've been browsing web sites that look at tea history and tea culture.I started my search by looking at the entry for Tea in Wikipedia. There's a ton of stuff there, so for contrast here's a quick and simple look at the history of tea. For a nice chronology, click through to Important Events in the History of Tea.

I haven't read the entire thing yet, but I found really interesting excerpts from a graduate thesis on Tea and Sri Lanka. The work focuses on "the culture surrounding tea, and the different meanings affixed to the commodity by different cultures."

I've been drawn to sites that look at tea philosophy. There are several extensive resources, both online and in print. The Book of Tea is available from The Cat-Tea Corner. I've got a few books to check out of the local library, and I'll review those as I read them.


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