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23 April 2005

Links of the Day, 4/23/05

Tea plays an important role in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'm planning to reread the book (and probably the series) soon, and I'll post fun quotes when I do. Right now, I'm just trying to decide whether to read it before or after the movie. Here's a book review with a fun anecdote about the author, Douglas Addams, being given tea with a surprise at the bottom.

World Sunlight Map, so you can see how sunny (or dark) it is in your favorite tea region.

Fold an Origami Teapot, from Cat-tea Corner: I'm saving this to do with my nieces and nephew.

I stumbled across Tea and Art, a web page with links to art that features tea. The web site hasn't been updated in almost 7 years (!), so only half of the links work. I loved seeing how different the Cassatt is from the Pollock (no surprise there), but I think my favorite piece of art here is Tea for Three, by Matisse. What's yours?

Time for Tea, a good overall look at the importance of timing in tea. Unfortunately, the blogger didn't remain active. Please note, although the pages look the same as mine, it is a different blog (we both used the same template, that's all).

I've been looking for other tea bloggers out there.So far, I've mostly found tea company blogs, some green tea blogs (usually in languages I don't speak), blogs that were started but went nowhere, and lots of blogs with "tea" in the title but nothing actually about camellia sinensis. If you have a tea blog, or know someone who does, or even if you have a link that you think might interest me, please feel free to post a comment!



Anonymous Naomi said...

I'm thinking about starting up a tea blog..

10:47 PM  
Blogger Cindy W. said...

Let me know if you do, Naomi! :)

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a tea blog: Notes on Tea at

7:13 PM  

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