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19 April 2005


Moby has been making the rounds the past couple of weeks -- he has a new album to plug. I saw him last week on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Moby joked that there has been tea for him at every stop on his junket (is that the right word?), and after 12 shows worth of tea he’s been getting to know show’s bathrooms quite well. Most tea-philes can relate to that! He mentioned his (and his girlfriend's?) New York City tea shop, and I've been wondering about it -- figured that it was probably cool and fast-paced, which can be fun, but isn't what everyone wants in a tea shop.

Teamailers have given generally negative reviews. I gather that Teany is a place to see-and-be-seen, the service is poor, and (worse) the food and tea aren’t all that good. I’m still curious, but this tea-sippin’, electronica-lovin’ , middle-aged-and-a-bit-frumpy woman probably wouldn’t fit in well. :)

One last thing, this time about the Late, Late Show. Craig Ferguson does a recurring bit called "Cup of Tea and a Chat." It's usually on Thursday or Friday (this week is in repeats, so it's hard to say) -- mostly it's a setup for gags, but he has a full silver tea service and it looks like actual tea is being poured. Kind of fun. If you’re interested, you should be able to find the latest in Late, Late Show Comedy Clips.


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