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19 April 2005

Review: Teasource's Golden Downey Tip Yunnan

I first tried this tea about a month ago, and here is what I then posted to Teamail:

The leaves for the tea look quite delicate, but they really aren't. I think that's my reaction to this tea -- I expect it to be delicate, almost weak, then it isn't. There is a definite earthiness that you smell and taste on the roof of your mouth, but there is no "muddy" followup. I think [Holly is] right in describing this as a clean earth taste. For me, it's has the qualities I want in a nice afternoon/evening tea -- very refreshing and not heavy.

I’m returning to this tea for the first time, and it is indeed a good afternoon tea. I’m finding it smokier than a I remembered (perhaps because I used a lower temp of water?) and am enjoying that sensation. I miss the cocoa overtones of other yunnans, but this does have a peppery finish.

It’s hard to sip the Golden Downey Tip with a gaiwan, and I am wishing I used a Chatsford to brew it instead (as I did the first time). The leaves are young and tightly furled, almost “needle-ey,” and this means they slip out of the cup and into my mouth when I sip. Next time I’ll use to the Chatsford.


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