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21 April 2005

Tea Trip: Portland, Oregon

This past weekend I had a great time on a tea trip to Portland, Oregon. I’ve only been to Portland once before and had never really explored the city. After a 3-hour rainy drive, I stopped by for tea at the home of a teamail acquaintance, then headed to the Heathman Hotel downtown. The small rooms are nice and cozy – just what I wanted on a rainy evening. Downstairs they have evening jazz and small plates in The Tea Lounge (which has a full tea service on Saturday afternoons). The rooms have Russell-Hobbsish kettles and nice cups/saucers. Next to each bed is a platter with the fixings for an herbal tisane (mint – chamomile). I didn't know until just now when I did a quick google search for the hotel, but apparently I stayed in a supposed haunted room (one that ended in 03). I don't remember anything funky happening, though (bummer!). :)

I spent the evening walking around and exploring – found one geocache and spent some time at Powell’s Used Book Store (which is interestingly set up a lot like its web site). Thanks to Marilyn, I knew that the Portland Farmer’s Market had started early this year, so the next morning I had a great time buying radishes, fancy breads, and big, leafy lettuces. Next stop, the Saturday Market, a uniquely Portland experience. Great fun, but the final stop was the reason for my visit – a Northwest Gathering of Teamailers at the Tao of Tea.

It was wonderful meeting a great group of tea lovers. I think that the Tao of Tea in Portland is one of my favorite-ever tea rooms, in part because of the great tea and food, but also because of the wonderful company. Each tea is served in the appropriate pot and/or cup, making every person's experience just a little different. The food is all vegetarian, and there are some incredible desserts.



Blogger Matthew Petty said...

I can't go to Portland without a stop at the Tao of Tea. I love the teapots but for some reason every time I go there they serve the tea differently. The last time I had a pot black Nilgiri but I had to let it oversteep since I had only a small cup to pour it into. By the time I got done it was not very good

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