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Welcome to my spot for musing about all things tea. Here you'll read reviews of quality teas, click through comments on tea rooms and shops I've visited, and see photos of leaves and cups. You’ll also find things I might talk about over a cup of tea, like philosophy, literature, current events, or fun ways to pass the time.

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16 May 2005

Back in Town

I've been out of town since last Wednesday and have fallen behind in updating my blog. Thank you for the several posts and email messages that have come in the past few days. I appreciate your taking the time to comment and ask questions (and provide some great information). I'll respond soon -- promise I'm not ignoring you, just need a few days to catch up to things! :)

Check back Tuesday and Wednesday for new posts.

Coming soon: reviews of a few teas, photos of my brand-new-beautiful-little-yixing, comments on tea in Las Vegas, a review of tea and food at a fun Chinese-vegan restaurant.


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