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31 May 2005

Chinese Garden Planned for Seattle

The Seattle Times reports that construction begins in July for a new Chinese Garden in Seattle: Elaborate 4.5-acre Chinese garden planned.

"The 4.5-acre garden, with a view of downtown, the mountains and Elliott Bay, will include a lake the size of Husky Field and an 85-foot tower visible from Interstate 5. Its master plan also calls for a 200-seat banquet hall, an education center, a teahouse, exhibition building and other pavilions, along with covered walkways, calligraphy art and sculpture."
(emphasis mine)

It will be interesting to see how the teahouse will be used. Demonstrations only, like the teahouse at the Japanese Gardens?

Also of note, the Chinese Garden in Seattle will be different from the (few) others in North America because it will be built in the style of the Sichuan province in honor of its sister city, Chongqing. I wonder if that will have any influence on the teahouse?


Anonymous Naomi said...

Have you ever had tea at the Portland Chinese Garden?

I recommend enjoying a cup of tea on the second floor of the tea house that overlooks the garden. I have some pictures on my Japanese site:

Just scroll down to 2004/8/30-2004/9/2

9:58 PM  
Blogger Cindy W. said...

I haven't yet, but it's definitely on my wish list now! Thanks for posting the link. :)

4:10 PM  

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