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02 June 2005

Searching for Hints of Cocoa

Oh no, my favorite tea is sold out! :( Now what do I do? I guess that a new search for that perfect cocoa headiness in a yunnan gold begins.

The owners of Floating Leaves (who carried my favorite) just returned from their buying trip to Taiwan, and they’ve brought back a new yunnan gold and are mailing me a sample today. I’ve also just ordered samples and small amounts of various golden yunnans from three different vendors. The month of June is going to be a grand tasting and comparison experience for me – seems like a good kickoff for summertime!

I will, of course, post tea-tasting notes here.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the other golden yunnans in my collection. I really like the peppery notes in many of them, and they all have a naturally sweet flavor that appeals to me, but none have the heavy cocoa fragrance that I really loved in the Floating Leaves Yunnan Gold.

As always, I’m open for suggestions. Please post here if you know of a golden yunnan with lots of cocoa overtones. :)


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