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Welcome to my spot for musing about all things tea. Here you'll read reviews of quality teas, click through comments on tea rooms and shops I've visited, and see photos of leaves and cups. You’ll also find things I might talk about over a cup of tea, like philosophy, literature, current events, or fun ways to pass the time.

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12 June 2005

Recently Clicked: June 12, 2005

Summer Reading 2005, a blogger links to about 40 summer (and other) reading lists. It's a bit silly to start my own list with a link to another list, especially one that's not about tea. However, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only tea-sipping book lover out there, and this is a great resource for those of us who love the smell of a library or used bookstore. :) These lists range from best spy fiction to syllabi from college literature courses.

An Oolong Quest in Taiwan, a travel essay with some nice photos. Here’s a quote, to give you an idea of the content:
“Two-thirds of Taiwan is mountain-covered. With fifty peaks over 3000 meters, this wet green island sitting off China’s coast provided the perfect home for the fabled tea. My destination was a teahouse run by a family that had grown specialty Oolongs for 200 years, after emigrating from the Wuyi region of Fujian province in China (the ‘birthplace’ of tea).”

Emagein Tea has a couple of fun pages for tea lovers. If you like word games, give the Tea Word Search puzzle a try. If you’d like to keep your own tea-tasting notes, you can print (or cut & paste into a document) their Tea Tasting Form.

Traditional Chinese tea ceremony from Wuyi - the art of tea in 27 moves, on the Jing Tea Shop web site. My favorite description is #15, “three dragons guard the vessel.” This was how I naturally held the cup, but I like the way the metaphor gets at controlling the fragile cups (at least they’re fragile to me, since I have this tendency toward clutziness). By the way, I recently received my first order from Jing Tea and am quite pleased. I’ll be posting more about the puerh soon.

Adagio Tea Timer, which looks really cool but (alas!) I can’t use because there is no mac version. :(

A Canadian Folk-song that features tea -- “While on the hob the kettle sings | Margery, Margery, make the tea”


Blogger Steph said...

I bet there's a voracious hunger for a tea reading list! Maybe I'll start one for myself - just jotting down books I know of, and asking folks to contribute.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful links!

5:37 AM  
Blogger Cindy W. said...

Great idea (for a tea reading list). Let me know if you get one going, or if you need suggestions. :)

11:31 AM  

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