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28 August 2005

Visiting New Mexico

Yay! I've finally got a computer connection. I've been visiting a friend in southern New Mexico -- a trip that was happily planned to coincide with the green chile harvest. No, it's not tea, but green chiles are another necessity of life. Tomorrow I plan to go find somewhere that I can moan over the smell of roasting chiles (those of you who have lived in New Mexico will understand), then I'm buying a big sack and shipping them home before catching my plane.

Oh, and in the morning I'm going to try to get to one of the first places I ever had loose tea -- Spirit Winds, near the NMSU campus in Las Cruces. It is the place where I first tried different types of teas and learned how to brew instead of just dunking a bag. I'll be home in a few days and will let you know how the tea is at Spirit Winds. :)

In the meantime, here are a few photos from my trip. They have nothing to do with tea, other than having been taken by a tea lover. Click each image to see a larger, more detailed picture.

A roadrunner came running up to me while I was watching birds in my friend's back yard.

The anvil-shaped thunderheads were building at sunset, and later that night a strong monsoon rain blew through Alamogordo.

I took this photo of the Organ Mountains today in Las Cruces. There wasn't a cloud to be seen, but within two hours another monsoon thunderstorm blew through.


Blogger Steph said...

Oh, I'm living vicariously! Thank you for sharing!!! I can just smell those chiles roasting. Yumm! Have some extra enchilada or posole for me.

Have you ever been to the St. James tearoom in ABQ? It's a lovely place - actually, between the service, decoration and food, I rank it as one of the top 5 tearooms in the entire US. It was featured in Tea, a magazine a little over a year ago. I realize you might not be up that way...but if you ever are, it's definitely worth a visit.

Hasta luego!

9:30 AM  

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