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Welcome to my spot for musing about all things tea. Here you'll read reviews of quality teas, click through comments on tea rooms and shops I've visited, and see photos of leaves and cups. You’ll also find things I might talk about over a cup of tea, like philosophy, literature, current events, or fun ways to pass the time.

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26 July 2005

Recently Clicked: July 26, 2005

Do you have problems coordinating tea breaks and the making of tea at work? Stop your fretting now! An enterprising Brit has created Teabuddy,“ a tool for keeping-up with the making of tea in the office, at home, or, just about anywhere.” Also see this fun Wired article that gives some of the background behind the web site.

Hacking the Wolfgang Puck Self-Heating Can. A blogger takes one of these cans apart to see how it works. It’s an interesting bit of reverse engineering, even if it is a can of coffee instead of tea (I’ve heard these self-heating cans are used for tea and soups in other countries).

Tea & Coffee Trade Online. This magazine is for professionals in the tea and coffee trade, but there are some articles that appeal to plain ol’ tea lovers like me. There is an extensive archive of back issues to search or read through, and the most recent issue (June 2005) has: “Recent Tea Travels: An Introduction to Chinese Tea.”

TrekEarth Photo Galleries. I found this web site when looking for something else, and just for fun I typed “tea” into their search form. The search turned up 36 pages of wonderful photos from around the world, although they become less and less tea-related as you click through. The first 8 or 9 pages are the most relevant for tea lovers. One of the things I really like about the images from this web site is that I get such a sense of the universality of tea. Here are a few photos that caught my imagination:


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Lovely photos! Thank you for sharing them! Consider this a "trackback" - I'd like to share them, too.

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You still there? I hope nothing bad has happend!

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