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Welcome to my spot for musing about all things tea. Here you'll read reviews of quality teas, click through comments on tea rooms and shops I've visited, and see photos of leaves and cups. You’ll also find things I might talk about over a cup of tea, like philosophy, literature, current events, or fun ways to pass the time.

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20 September 2005

Recently Clicked, September 18, 2005

Cha Dao, a blog of tea notes. I think of it as sort of a “panel of tea tasters” who provide detailed tasting notes on teas from China and Taiwan. I was pleased to be asked to join this morning and am looking forward to learning from the other participants. I'll cross-post my tasting notes here (probably written up a bit differently), so it shouldn't impact my own Cup of Tea and a Blog. :)

Tamaryo, a tea blog. I can sort of wiggle my way through French, getting a sense for what is written and grabbing a French-English dictionary (or Alta Vista’s Babelfish translator) when I get stuck. Even if you don’t read French, this is an interesting blog to view because of the really nice photos.

Teasire, a relatively new tea blog. I appreciate the sense of humor that is evident in each post.

Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony. One of my weekly stops, the Tea Arts Blog, has some interesting information on the wu-wo ceremony, which strives for stillness and transcending prejudices to create a group based on equality (if I understand correctly).

The Tea Page, Birger Nielsen,’s personal web site. There are many resources, including an extensive page of links to tea related web resources. Antique Chinese Porcelain Collector's Help and Info Page. You’ll find a good amount of information, a glossary, and even a discussion board. The site also has antique pottery & porcelain for sale, so the information isn’t disinterested, but it still seems to be worthwhile for anyone collecting antiques.

"West Bengal taps Colonial heritage for tea tourism," Hindustan Times, August 22, 2005. The state government is working to develop a new concept of "Tea Tourism" to help boost their tourist industry.

"Beijing calling, a street art striving for survival," China Daily, 2005-09-09 06:10. The article focuses on a man who is preserving the folk art involved with the hawking of street wares (including bowls of hot tea). He is recording the forms of street yelling art that declined in China after 1949.

International Tea Convention. This is where I wish I could be at the end of the month.

Request a free issue of Tea Experience Digest. I know nothing about this magazine, but figured a free issue couldn’t hurt.


Blogger Richard said...

still sleepy ... sitting in front of my monitor ... pouring the first stream of first brew Se Chung oolong into my favorite cup with the crackle glaze... I read a couple of comments in Teamail digest ..... I click on a link to your site because of the quality of your observations ... when suddenly whoooooosh ... I am introduced to your Cup of Tea and a Blog ... and the world suddenly feels like a village ... peaceful ... safe ... a place to live and learn and love and laugh.

I like it.

I'm grateful.

7:58 AM  

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